Coconut Coir Processing Machines

1.Coconut Defibring Machine


Descriptions: This coconut defibring machine automatically beats and splits the coconut husks into fine coconut fiber and cocopeat.

2.Best Selling coconut fiber extracting machine/Coconut Shell Coir Fiber Processing Machine


Product Application:

A.Coconut palm jute fiber processing machine application:
This production line apply to the fiber processing of coconut, palm & Jute, and consist of peeling machine, fiber extracting machine, belt conveyor, rotary screen, coco peat baling machine, drying machine, dust hood etc.

B.Production line processing flow:
1.Peeling the materials 2.Soaking(disposing the electrolyte & soften the materials) 3.Extracting the fiber 4.Separating fiber & coco peat 5.Baling the fiber & coco peat


3.Coconut Husk Crushing Machine


Product details:


This is a machine which can make coconut shell into pieces and fibers,it’s windly used in making coir fiber with high output .Specifications

1.Machine Character:

(1)Coir fiber making machine is used to crushing our coir fiber in certain length, geting out  impurites  from plate grid,  so product can be made into coir fiber matress etc.

(2)firstly:put coconut husk with certain moisture into the feeder mouth;

  secondly:then coconut husk will be crushing with the knives in the roller;

thirdly:the coir fiber in certain length will come out from the outer mouth;


(1)shield width:200mm(yellow);

(2)feeder mouth feeder:400mm;

(3)machine width:1200mm+800mm(motor width);

(4)machine height:1600mm;

(5)roller diameter:900mm;