Coconut Extracting Machine


1.Coconut Extracting Machine


Model: CM101 / CM102

Descriptions : Coconut and Juice  water equipment – pulp. separation screw press system.  Coconut milk and fruit juice can be continued. The grating will be used to filter waste water to separate the fruit apart. Suitable for fruit juice. Juicers herbs. Coconut juice machine and Corn milk.

Remark : Screw spiral can be rotated back to the front and rear.

Help in the case of coconut pulp, caught in the compression cylinder.

2.Preprocessing before coconut extracting



When we get a spiral oil press machine for coconut extracting, what should we do before put the coconut into the machine?
Firstly, dry the fresh coconut and make sure that the moisture is no more than 13%.
Secondly, remove the coconut shell and get the copra.
these are all the preprocessing before extracting, it is so easy, right?
By the way, the shredded coconut stuffing is also applied to the oil press machine.

3.small virgin coconut oil extraction machine



1. Mini size, requires small land to set and run.
2. Healthy! Pure mechanical squeezing craft maximally keeps the nutrients of the oil plants. No chemical substances left.
3. High working efficiency! Oil plants only need to be squeezed by one time when using hot pressing. The left oil in cake is low.
4. Long durability! All the parts are made of the most suitable material and treated with refined crafts, such as cemented quenching and tempering to increase the hardness, consequently the durability.
5. Cost-effective! Low investment! The wearing parts on the machine such as the squeeze loop, squeeze spiral and squeeze bar are designed to be dismountable. When they are out of service period, users only need to replace them and no need to displace the whole machine.
6. Easy operation and low labor investment. One or two person are enough to run the machine and complete the oil making process.

4.Coconut Extracting Machine