Coconut Paring Machine

1.Coconut Paring Machine COM30


This coconut paring machine scalps off the thin and brownish testa from pieces of deshelled coconut kernels. An operator is required to feed pieces of deshelled coconut kernels into the machine during the paring process.

2.coconut desheller/coconut dehusking machine/coconut skin peeling machine


Application of the coconut machine:Easy to process brown or yellow coconuts, easy to crush and separate outer shell

The machine is suitable for shelling coconut. It has such features as simple structure,

convenient operation,high efficiency,etc.

Working principle:When the machine is working,the transmission reduce gear drive the main axle to move,

which make the mill run by the power transmission chain wheel.Due to the cutter in the mill,

putting the coconut the position between the mill and thrust bar with the manual turn 

continuously,which can remove the shell of the coconut under the function of the cutter 

and thrust bar running together. 

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