High quality coconut fiber machine

1.get fiber from coconut husk

2.with high quality and output.

3.Operation easily.

4.High capacity.

Coconut is very widely used. In addition to fresh fruit juice, fruit, coconut can be processed into a variety of products. According to incomplete statistics, the use of coconut up to more than 360 kinds of.

Can be processed into coconut copra, coconut, coconut milk and other products; also can be further processed into coconut sugar, coconut milk, coconut milk, coconut cake, coconut protein gel, coconut, coconut coconut cheese sauce, egg roll, malted milk, coconut milk and coconut ice cream coconut wine etc.. Meat processing by-products of coconut malv can also feed.

The coconut oil from coconut extract can be used not only for edible oil, but also is an important chemical raw material, widely used in the production of soap, shampoo, cosmetics in senior.

Coconut water now can be made through the fermentation process, solidification of "coconut" for making jelly. Coconut fiber in the production of high-quality mattresses, carpets, car upholstery, insulation board, rope etc.. Coconut shell can be carved into a variety of Arts and crafts, but also processed into activated carbon.

In addition, the pillars of the old coconut tree trunks can also be used as housing.

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